Mark Brasington

Throughout the 1980s and 1990s, I lived and worked in Volterra in central Italy. I took inspiration from this silent fortress city of Etruscan origin and the undulating landscape of crest and valley over which the hill-town rides like an ancient vessel, cast forlorn on a rough sea. And from my studio along the mediaeval walls, I could trace westward where the hills came to an abrupt end, the golden band of the Tyrrhenian Sea. Appearing on the horizon, in the clear light of a winterís day came the revelation of distant islands from the Tuscan Archipelago and beyond. From this much loved vantage point, the perception of roads leading away from the landscape suggested the draw of forgotten routes of pilgrimage and as the years passed the rare apparition of distant islands seaward suggested Saint Brendanís vision of Hy Brasil Ė the ellusive paradise off the west coast of Ireland.

Our move to a remote valley of the Massif Central in 1999 was in many ways a turning point. We restored an old mill by the mountain torrent of the Lagat near Ambert in the Auvergne. By these waters our children came to life. I endeavoured to render the invisible force of nature in a series of large monotypes in which forms seems to be defined by the flow of water across paper and glass.

A desire to return to the light and sun of the south, determined our move to the Aude in 2003. We have embarked on a project to restore a farmhouse perched on a hill top, dominating a landscape of vineyards. We plan to offer a program of residential painting courses and holidays as well as a gallery for my own work.


Over the last thirty years, I have exhibited frequently in France, Italy and England. My paintings can be visited in permanent collections in Volterra at the convent of San Girolamo, the town halls of Pomarance and Volterra in Italy, the Prefecture of Ambert and the Mairie of Villedubert in France.

Price Guide

Small paintings,watercolours and drawings: 300 to 600 Euros
Medium dimension: 500 to 1000 Euros
Larger works: 900 to 3000 Euros


Mark Brasington, 12 route de Donazac, 11300 PAULIGNE, France
tel: 04 68 31 57 23


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Paul Brasington

With special thanks to Marcus Williamson without whose patient help, I would have never made this site.


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